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Check out my badly made buttons

A few weeks ago, while just walking around the mall with Terrence, I bought some clay for fun cos I had the inspiration then to make some buttons. The clay was lying around on my table for a while before I finally got round to trying to make some today. And boy did I fail miserably! It's hard! How the heck do people make buttons?! LOL. I thought I would start with something simple like a heart, and even that was so hard to do! I only made these 5 buttons, but as you can tell, they are quite mis-shapened as I had to do it myself because I don't have any moulds or cutters. I think my last attempt was probably the best one (the biggest heart). Don't know what I will do with the rest of the clay cos I have only used a little bit so far, probably will be making more heart buttons (since it's probably the only shape I can do decently, LOL), but that will be A LOT of buttons. Anyone wants some? Hee hee.... Posted by Hello

Hi again,

Hey good for you! I think you should keep at it!
Do you have to cook them in the oven or do they air dry?

What you talking about? Those are great little hearts! Good for you! Next time, put a penny in the pic so we can see how big they are .... or geesh, you probably don't have pennies do you? duh. Did you have to paint them too or is the clay colored?

I think for a first try they look great! The top ones look great too.

I think they look great Leeny! You are too hard on yourself.

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