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Hello folks! Just finished my lunch, salmon sashimi and a glass of milk, YUMMMMM. LOL. It was pretty yummy, but yes I know, raw salmon and milk sounds like a weird combination, or most of you may think it's pretty whacked, hee hee.....

Anyways, I had a really crap week the week before and really didn't feel like doing a whole lot, much less blogging. I've just been chillin' and taking it easy after that, and just looking forward to an uneventful and relaxing weekend! So far so good. Stitching progress has stalled for quite a while on the 'Lavender Hill' piece, I'm hoping I will be able to get it finished this weekend. It's really sad that I don't stitch that much anymore, I haven't stitched at all on weekdays, and it seems that I don't have enough time over the weekends to fit stitching in! *sob* All you stitching gurus, any tips to share with me?

I placed a HUGE order during DSL's anniversary sale, and I was also lucky enough to win a gift certificate! It was pretty cool as I never seem to win anything, so that was neat! I can't wait for my goodies to arrive, I know I will be in stash heaven! LOL. Who cares if I can't find enough to stitch, as long as I know it's sitting pretty amongst my stash, hee hee.... I will work out a routine eventually, and get the stitching going.

I made more buttons a couple of weeks ago, just more hearts and I also attempted a flower. I think this batch turned out better, I probably baked the first batch too long which is why those buttons turned out so dark, these buttons are a brighter red and look a lot more vibrant. Feeling lazy, but will share a photo when I get them scanned.

Alrighty, ain't got much else to blog about, so I think I will stop here. Oh, I got tagged by Annette, but I'm too lazy to do it, for now anyways, hee hee. Till next time!

Hopefully this week is much much better for you Eileen!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the stash! I bet you're going to just rip into that package when you see it in the mailbox!

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