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500 grams!

After 5 weeks of hard work doing this 'Weekend Warriors' thing at the gym, I have only lost half a kilo! *sob* Isn't that sad?! My trainer also took other measurements and I have lost a total of 5cm, which is like negligible! Sigh, I was in Sydney on Monday and Tuesday for a business planning workshop, I really shouldn't have pigged out at the buffet! LOL. Oh well, who knows if it would have made a significant difference, but I guess ultimately, at least losing something is better than nothing, or an increase! *gasp* I guess I was hoping for a little bit more as I thought I had lost 2kg when I checked a couple of weeks ago, or maybe I was cross-eyed! I'm not actually too disappointed as I'm still pretty proud of myself for putting in all this effort, but compared to those weight loss programs on TV, it seems rather pathetic! I know it's unrealistic to do such a comparison, but it would definitely be pretty cool to see a 5kg loss! Anyways, I will keep plugging along, hopefully I will see more results at the end of 12 weeks!

I do have an update on my Monsterbubbles freebie, 'Home', but I actually haven't stitched on it in ages. Most of the latest progress came about from stitching during the men's French Open final (I was hoping Federer would win, but alas!), which was a couple of weeks ago. I haven't stitched since then but I'm sure I will get back to it eventually. If not soon, at least during the 2nd week of July as I have another stitchy date with my friends! Anyway, here's the latest WIP pic:

I have more pictures to share with you! Firstly, looky at my pretty fruit bowl -- きれい! My very clever, artistic and talented Terrence created this gorgeous design, had it cut out of vinyl with adhesive backing and stuck it on our plain red fruit bowl (actually a salad bowl, but it works for us!) that we just bought yesterday, and VOILA! I really love it, it's so pretttteeeee :) The corner of our coffee table is also decorated in a similar style, and Terrence is in the midst of designing a clock that will be hung above our TV. I'll share the photos when the clock is done! He's just waiting for the vinyl he's ordered to come in. In the meantime, check out our fruit bowl and the coffee table!

Before I go, let me leave you with one of my favourite websites at the moment. The pictures with their crazy captions never fail to make me chuckle and hopefully you will get a few laughs too! Go on, you can has cheezburger too! Don't raise your eyebrows at me, you'll get it once you see the website: http://icanhascheezburger.com/, hee hee....

These things takes time, perserverence is the key ;)

Sticthing coming along fine and the bowl so creative!

Love the bowl! Don't worry about the weight lost...when did you weigh yourself and when did your trainer weigh you? Your weight fluctuates (did I spell that right?) throughout the day, so that could be it. Your stitching is always nice...hope you find time to finish it!

So sorry about your weight loss...that totally stinks, but I bet it will fall off in a big amount if you continue, don't give up!

Your WIP is looking great! That bowl is super and your coffee table divine! Terrence does great work!

I love the coffee table and fruit bowl! They are fantastic!

And don't worry about the weight loss - just tell yourself you lost a pound instead of half a kilo.

Your coffee table and fruit bowl look great...what a cool idea! Love the piece your stitching too.

Just keep on trying Leeny, it will come off. A little bit is better than none. I love this Monsterbubble freebie you are stitching! Is there anyway I could get a copy from you?

Slowly slowly with the weight loss - keep lugging away and it will happen!

The clock, fruitbowl and table look fabulous -what a clever persone Terrence is!

icanhascheezeburger.com is one of my favourite sites! My cat and dog are there somewhere - "Our luv is Furbidden" *giggle*

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